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Business Models For Your Startup

Every successful company is built on the values and culture pertaining to the company. No matter how good your product is or how dextrous your employees are, it’s the set of values that build the foundation of a company. In the age of start-ups a lot of companies start off with a great product, but due to lack of culture, value or [...]


Widely Used Apps For Internal Communication

Slack Slack has become the lifeline for many companies out there. Do you need to share a snippet of code? Slack it. Do you need to update the update a push in bitbucket? You slack. Have you a party after work? Slack it to everyone on the group. Teams work on slack together by project, department or anything else. It makes the flow of [...]


Apps To Increase Your Productivity

Any.do  Any.do helps to adhere to your schedule with reminders, notes, to-do list and the provision to share these lists with other people. You can sync all your devices with this app so that you are always updated about your tasks. Calendar integration and voice entry features make the app easier to use. It helps you manage your [...]


Marketing Trends To Lookout For In 2017

AR/VR: Pokemon Go is one of the most talked about talks of AR in 2016. You could see people running around holding their mobile devices to ‘Catch them all’. The biggest takeaway from this technology is its ability to generate real business results. This led to marketers to consider this as a viable option for marketing to help customers [...]